What We Offer

Knightway Mobile Haulers started its journey as a Mobile Home Hauler on Vancouver Island over 40 years ago. We have since grown into much more than that, however we are still highly competent at moving mobile homes. Part of this is having all the right specialized equipment, but it is also have a crew that has lots of experience moving every model, shape, and size of mobile home.

There are very few scenarios that will surprise us. There are also very few areas that we are not able to access and when things are really difficult we will utilize a crane that can get a home in the most difficult of areas. Whether it is moving or re-leveling your Mobile or Modular home, we have you covered.

From mobile homes and portables to construction offices, KnightWay Mobile Haulers will tackle the challenge of moving your structure to any destination. Whatever it is; if it moves, we can move it.

KnightWay focuses on making it easy to move your mobile home, manufactured home, school portables, or construction office by providing the expertise and large-scale moving equipment needed to get the job done. With over 30 years in structural and mobile-home moving and with thousands of successful customer moves since 1973, KnightWay works around the clock to get your structure to its new location.

KnightWay has all the equipment to make sure your mobile home gets there safely. Our float trailers are capable of handling structures up to and including 68 feet in length. These specialized trailers give your structure an air ride all the way to its new home. For frame units we have 6-wheel, 8-wheel, and 12-wheel dollys depending on the size and need. We also have a complete array of hitches for all makes and models from 14-wides to construction shacks.

Next Steps

Please reach to us on our contact us page. We will discuss with you all the details involving your project. Next, we will likely need to set up a time where we come and meet you onsite to determine the best logistics in moving your project forward.