Things to Know About Moving a Mobile Home in BC

Manufactured Home – Registry

BC is the only jurisdiction in Canada that protects a person’s investment in a manufactured home by having a central registry of ownership. This registry controls the detailed movement of homes in BC.

No sale transfer or purchase of a mobile home in BC is legal unless the transaction is registered in the manufactured home registry.

Manufactured home searches, relocation permits and registration are available online or at any Service BC office on the Island. These offices are located in Ganges, Duncan, Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Ucluelet, Courtenay, Campbell River, and Port Hardy. You must have a relocation permit to move a mobile home in BC.

Preparing a Mobile Home For Moving Checklist:

  • Remove exterior connections including awnings, decks, stairs and skirting. This will save time and expense on the day of your mobile home move.
  • Disconnect all utilities including water, hydro, sewer and cable.
  • Empty fridge and dry properly prior to moving. Secure your fridge with a strap on the day of your mobile home move.
  • Empty your top cupboards and stow everything in boxes prior to your mobile home move.
  • Move all of your heavy furniture forward of the axle area to prevent strain on your mobile home during the move.
  • Empty the toilet tank and remove the lid prior to your mobile home move. Nobody wants a soaking wet bathroom and a damaged toilet at the other end.
  • Take down all your pictures and mirrors prior to your mobile home move. Be sure to lay them flat, or if possible, take them in a separate vehicle to prevent damage.
  • Remove all of your lighting fixtures, as well as lamps, and secure them. Hanging lights and chandeliers have a higher likelihood of being damaged during a mobile home move if they are left unsecured.
  • On the day of your mobile home move, be sure to secure all sliding and screen doors to prevent any from popping open during the move.